Knowledge is power. Be fully informed.

Facing criminal charges can be quite daunting. Get an experienced advocate on your side.

Richard’s first goal is to alleviate any stress you may have by building a relationship with you that begins and ends with practicing open, honest communication. That includes making sure you’re well-informed of your options, legal terms, and what to expect. When it comes to your case, Richard sees to it that you’re never in the dark.


When I defend one person, I defend all of us and all of our rights to freedom as an American people.

Richard L. Cooper

We place high value on liberty. Don’t let yours be taken away without a fight.

Far too often, the system has failed to provide its people with justice. Between police misconduct and overly populated prisons, it’s no wonder people are anxious when they’ve been accused of a crime. In fact, studies show that of the 2 million people behind bars, at least 20,000 are innocent. They also show that one out of every 25 prisoners on death row is innocent.

These numbers are alarming, and they’re the reason why Richard takes your case very seriously. Whether your charge involves drugs, theft, fraud, DUI, or probation violation, Richard has the experience and skills you need to fight for a favorable outcome. Be it on a state or federal level, he’s ready to fight hard for you.

Richard L. Cooper, Attorney

Representing you in Federal & State Courts throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties

There are a few things you’ll recognize when you start working with Richard: he’s passionate, full of vigor, and has an attitude rooted in determination. With him, you’ll always get the one-on-one attention you and your case deserve. Known for his knack for problem-solving, his ability to find real solutions is one of his key strengths. Another strong suit: he knows how to fight in court. If you’re ready to move forward with Richard in your corner, schedule a free consultation today.

You’ve already considered the consequences.
Now, let us help you get the best possible outcome.

Get an experienced criminal defense attorney working for you.

When you find yourself up against a criminal charge, there are plenty of questions that may bring about feelings of panic and distress. Things like if you’ll have to go to prison and, if so, how long can be disheartening. Not to mention, how your relationships, reputation, and career could be affected are all reasonable concerns.

Attorney Richard L. Cooper wants to help you lighten the load and work towards positive results. Diligent and trusted, Richard can help cultivate a roadmap that guides you from confusion and insecurity to clarity and confidence. Regaining control of your life

The government has lawyers working against you. Don’t waste any more time.

Call us today.

Miami Area Criminal Defense Attorney

We can guide you to that light at the end of the tunnel

Creating a reliable, trustworthy relationship is very important to Richard. For that reason, he makes certain that you speak to him directly from the first time and every time you call.

He understands that being in this situation is probably a bit embarrassing, but with Richard, there’s no need to walk around in shame. After all, he’s here to help you win your case — not to judge you on why you’re here in the first place. Likewise, he wants you to remember that this isn’t the time to beat yourself up. It’s time to put your game face on and fight for your future.

In the words of philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, “Life can only be understood backward; but it must be lived forward.” That being said, now is the time to stop considering what you would have or should have done differently and start preparing for a winning strategy that will get you the results you’re hoping to achieve.

At The Law Offices of Richard L. Cooper, Richard has the drive, courage, and tenacity to tackle your case with both optimistic vision and a practical approach. When you’re facing criminal charges that have you feeling nervous about the next steps, don’t let another day go by without giving Richard a call. He serves the Miami-Dade area and all of South Florida, and consultations are free. Time isn’t going to wait. Schedule yours today.

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